Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Casper Banjo's Homegoing

The mortuary was full and when I arrived Safi was singing--I hadn't known she could sing. Lee Williams had escaped from the Veteran's Hospital in Martinez and Malik Seneferu spoke next. I was overwhelmed. Luckily I had something to do--I pulled out my camera and began to videotape the service for Akili. Casper's paintings and prints decorated the space near the altar--his body draped with the American flag. He had on his hat and by his side there was a brick. The analogy of bricks is so rich with sturdy possibilities. After the service we went over to the Prescott-Joseph Center for the repast. It was an opportunity to talk to people I hadn't seen in a while and to meet others like Ms. Frances Dunham Catlett, an artist who will be 100 years old next month. I wanted to hear more Casper stories. The room was full of them; Marilyn was wrong--there was a lot more to be said, time was just short and we had to leave the venue and move along...Casper's body there in the place alone.


At 3:14 PM, Blogger carlacryptic said...

Thanks for posting these photos - my Mom couldn't make it to the memorial service due to her own ill health (she's in her 80's) and I brought her a program but she didn't get to really say goodbye to him in person. They'd been friends for over 40 years and I knew him since I was a kid. He will be missed.


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