Saturday, August 30, 2008

Aerosoul, Katrina, and Trinidad and Tabago's Independence

I've been on the phone all day today checking on with family and friends in New Orleans and in Mississippi in the Gulf to see if they've left or when they plan on leaving. I can't imagine the trauma which is resurfacing as a result of this pending disaster three years almost to the day of Hurricane Katrina.

My cousin said apparently we weren't listening for the warning to be repeated. Well, I certainly hope whatever we should be doing as a nation happens, whether that is elect a new government with a radical vision for peace, which isn't happening with either of the dominant parties, or just dismantle it all....I know that would be scary, but what's worse? This state of affairs certainly isn't any more pleasant.

Yesterday, on the anniversary of Hurricane Katrina I was out celebrating Trinidad and Tobago's independence just 48 years ago (1962) and the opening of a new exhibit, "Aerosoul" at Joyce Gordon Gallery in downtown Oakland. It's only up through Tuesday, September 2, so try to get by. It is awesome!

I also went to a new restaurant on Webster, something-Monkey and to Ashkanez to see the Caribbean All-Stars who were awesome last night. I danced and danced. They debuted lots of new work, and featured many solos by individuals in the group, such as the bass guitarist who sang a lovely rendition of Summertime. Marty (trumpeter) sang a really cute song about being single and available. Not that he is.

There were additional percussionists too, which added to the overs all flavor of the evening which as I said was awesome. I didn't want to go home. They helped me dance my troubles away!


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