Tuesday, January 20, 2009

MLK Jr. Day

I left home headed for San Francisco for the Bringing the Noise for Martin Luther King Jr. at the Herbst Theatre. While there I found out about an exhibit closing Friday, January 23. The exhibit is an interactive poetry exhibit by Writer's Corps. There are stations where one can listen to poets talk about their work, and recite poetry. There are sofas and other places to relax and listen to multiple poets at the same time. There are drawings of the poets on the walls, copies of their poetry in bins, and copies of poetry books published by Writer's Corps and other books and resources. As I walked along Grove back to my car, I heard poetry being recited. I looked in the window and there were videos of poets, the same poets in the exhibit at the Herbst Theatre.

After I left the Herbst, I went over to Yoshi's for the San Francisco All-Star Big Band 34th Anniversary concert. I sat with John Handy and his wofe Dell. John was one of the living legends who'd played with David Hardiman's Big Band 34 years ago.


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