Sunday, March 08, 2009

Cinquest: Lou Gossett Jr.

Cinquest 2009 honors Lou Gossett Jr. with its Marverick Spirit Award. Pictured with Mr. Gossett is a cast member and film director of, "The Least Among You." L-R: Rev. Dr. Charles Marks (upon whose life the story is based), Cedric Sanders (protagonist, Richard Kelly based on Dr.Marks' life), director, Mark Young, who said he heard the story of the man who lived in the seminary basement while at a church in , the gardener/grounds keeper, Mr. Samuel Benton, who Gossett portrays, almost ten years ago and couldn't find a market, plus award hostess.

"The film centers on a black man named Richard Kelly (newcomer Cedric Sanders), who, after graduating from college and becoming successful in the corporate world, is falsely arrested in the 1965 Watts riots. Kelly faces racial prejudice from professors and students after his agreement to a plea bargain that involves spending two semesters at a seminary. Gossett plays an elderly ex-con who lives in the basement of Kelly's dorm and inspires him to conquer his demons"

Cinquest closes it's 19th Season today, March 8, 2009. Visit or call (408) 295-3378


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