Sunday, June 07, 2009

Court Hearings June 8 for SF8, June 15 for David

The is a press conference for the SF8, at 850 Bryant in San Francisco, in the morning, Monday, June 8, 8:15 AM.

To hear David speaking about his case visit (archived show April 8,2009).

David's upcoming Discovery Hearing takes place on Monday, June 15th, 9am, at the Juvenile Justice Center in San Leandro (2500 Fairmont Drive). Please mark your calendars and let others know. David's Defence Committee is looking to have a visible presence at his hearing demanding the charges be dropped.

If anyone is able to organize outside this query and invitation send the organizers your thoughts, ideas, and questions around support David's case.

The battle for justice for Oscar Grant is in high gear as the murdering cop goes to trial. At this moment it is crucial that people are mobilized to stand against systemic police brutality and this cold-blooded murder. Remember, it was only AFTER a mass outpouring of righteous protest took to the streets in Oakland that Mehserle was even charged in the first place! For an update on the trial, (written before Mehserle was set to be charged with murder, but still very relevant analysis of the case) see recent article in Revolution Newspaper: "A Critical Moment in the Battle" at

As part of that protest in response to the murder of Oscar Grant, David, a young revolutionary, for speaking the truth and standing on the right side of justice, was arrested and wrongly accused of two felonies. A passionate and dedicated leader, he is one of only 4 out of 120+ arrested that night who have been targeted with serious offenses stemming from their arrests that night. This is not just an attack on David, but an attack on all those seeking justice for Oscar Grant, an attack on the revolutionary movement, and an attack on all those who dream of a radically different and far better world! (David's Defense Committee)


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