Wednesday, July 15, 2009

San Leandro Marina with Hamdiyah Sunday, July 12

Saturday found me in Hayward hanging out with the cowboys and girls, Sunday I was hanging with the birds along the shoreline. My good friend Hamdiyah was feeling like a ride and after scratching up her bumper tying to get her bike in her truck, to a quick jaunt to the store (2) to buy a bike rack, then a drive to Oakland from San Leandro so I could help her put it on the car, a drive back to San Leandro to get her bike, then back to Oakland to meet me at the 66th and Zone entrance to the Bay Trail, only to ride back to San Leandro, one has to commend her for the heroic effort.

It's too bad we can't repeat it this weekend, as I fell off my bike last night and can't use my right hand easily at this time. In fact, I need to stop typing.


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