Friday, December 25, 2009

Senegal's Women, Strong and Powerful: Ancient and Modern

Nane--these women are modern and ancient. When I speak to Nane, it is with a smile and pantomime. She is so capable, 19 and independent. She helps Suzanne around the house with the cooking and cleaning. humming a song she organizes her tasks effectively. I hear millet being pounded downstairs and fish frying too. The aroma seeps up the stairs as I try to figure out what to wear today. Lunch is almost ready.

I need to wash clothes today. Yesterday, my dress was a hit: lime and lavender it is another affair from Karen Oyekanmi's House of Fashion a la Lagos vis Oakland, Cali. It was slightly wrinkled from its journey and I wanted to iron it, but when I asked Nane where the iron was and she showed me the charcol, I was like...I can wear it like this.

I didn't have time for a lesson, Ahmadou was on his way.


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