Wednesday, July 07, 2010

Biking along treacherous San Leandro Street

Today I realized on my way from the post office that it was almost a year ago, to the day and time that I fell off my bike. I even traveled the Bay Trail. It was surreal. I used my GPS to see how to bike to the post office on Pardee and decided to skip San Leandro Street because I was feeling nervous about traveling down the treacherous road and then turned from International to 66th Street and that street was worse, I mean really bad there were even toxic chemicals in the air from some work going on on the street.

So I walk the bike across the uneven pavement by the railroad tracks: 66th and San Leandro. I cross over to the other side and ride to Hegenberger by way of San Leandro Street—yes, I have second thoughts… after looking down 66th and not seeing how I can get to Edes from there. It might have been possible, actually it was if I’d taken the Bay Trail, which is how I returned.

The tide was high as were the winds along the Bay Trail. Wow! It really has been a year since I had been down there and it looked the same.

It was a great ride except for the horrible streets.

I had to ride on the sidewalk all the way to Pardee down Hegenberger. The streets were just too crowded with diesel trucks and other vehicles. The drivers were nice, but there wasn’t enough room for all of us in the same lane so I just acted pedestrian.

I can’t believe that in an entire year the sidewalk and the street between Seminary and 66th on San Leandro Street is just as precarious as it was when I fell off my bike striking my head and injuring my right side for almost a year.

My new helmet is silver. It’s not a Bell. I need to look it up. Bell saved my life; when I hit the concrete it felt like cotton. I fell on a Wednesday too. I am glad to be going to church this evening. I better get moving.


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