Thursday, December 30, 2010

Aba's Funeral

The funeral for Aba is today at 11 AM. It's almost 12 midnight here in Dakar, Senegal. The funeral is probably still going on now, as I sit here by the beachfinally connected to the Internet. A Haitian group just performed. They were excellent! At another venue Salif Keita is performing. Seun Kuti is on the bill along with King Sunny Ade. I last heard King Sunny Ade exactly six months ago in San Francisco on Juneteenth, the day before my birthday.

Folks are speaking Portugese and Kreyol, French and a bit of English. I decided to skip the big concert this evening. I was tired. We keep getting in late like 3 AMish. I got up at 8 AM this morning. I thought I was going to Goree Island, but the person I was going with didn't answer his phone. It would have been perfect since today is the funeral.

My sister has been to the police station every day she said and also they shot him 13times and there were defensive wounds. She's lookin into a lawyer. The boys that were with Aba said he didn't have a gun. They also said they would turn themselves in but not to the police, because they are afraid.


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