Thursday, August 16, 2012

Wanda's Picks August 15, 2012

Sister Lola Hanif joins us to speak about Sacred Space, which meets second Thursdays each month. This is the last month at the East Bay Meditation Center, Thursday, August 16, 4pm – 6pm at the East Bay Meditation Center, 2147 Broadway, Oakland. This month Sister DJENNE BA will lead the workshop. She is dedicated to raising the consciousness of the planet through a Spiritual understanding of the Universe.She is available for private consultations, lectures and hands-on workshops. Visit Lola Hanif is a humanitarian and community activist.

She is founder and director of Lola’s Light; an organization established to promote good personal and community mental, spiritual and physical health.She holds a bachelor’s degree in Health Education with an emphasis in health issues in the African American community and a master’s degree from the University of Creation Spirituality. Ms. Hanif established Sacred Space Spiritual Support Group in 2007 and over 130 (single count) African American women have been meeting monthly ever since. Sacred Space is a spiritually-based, emotionally safe and supportive environment for African American women to gather, network, experience a sense of community support and is a means of advocating healthy, peaceful African American families. Sacred Space offers presentations and information regarding good mental, spiritual and physical health practices. She has also created an all natural, shea butter healing balm which has proven to be affective for relief of arthritic joint pain.

CHANNING COOK-HOLMES joins us to talk with us about Stepology 2012 in San Francisco at the Herbst Theatre where Mr. Cook-Holmes is Music, Director/Dancer/Drums. An Inglewood, CA native representing the West Coast, Channing Cook Holmes is blessed with talents that have taken him around the world. His drumming ability, his syncopated rhythmic tap dance
style, his singing, and his natural audience appeal, have taken Channing from dance company (Jazz Tap Ensemble), to stage (Riverdance, tour and Broadway), to small screen, (Bojangles), to big screen, (Gangs of New York).

He is the consummate entertainer. Channing is adding directing and producing to his repertoire with the production of his current, award winning children's show Lil' Chan Can Tap Dance. Channing Cook Holmes is a "must watch" artist with more to come.

We speak to Jaime Silva about a POLICE RAID PEOPLE'S LIBRARY IN EAST OAKLAND the Biblioteca Popular Victor Martinez, a community library activists opened earlier in the morning in a derelict building at a former public library, and a Carneigie bldg., 1449 Miller Ave. Throughout the day on Monday, Aug. 13, 2012, community members helped clean the building and borrowed and donated books. Neighborhood children began work on a garden in the building's backyard; literacy and computer classes were planned in the coming days. Following a poetry reading that gathered dozens of activists and community members, some forty squad cars blocked off Miller Ave from International to Foothill, and police told those in the library that they had fifteen minutes to leave or they would be arrested for trespassing. Librarians quickly salvaged the library's collection and left the building; the police than formed a line in front of the library while the Department of Public Works laboriously boarded up the front door with plywood and secured the fence in front with plastic zipties. For information call Jaime at (510) 290-9997 or Biblioteca Popular


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