Sunday, October 14, 2012

Dimensions Dance Theatre's Down Congo Line II

At the end of the concert dance performance, Down Congo Line II which featured one of Deborah Vaughn's famous reflective poetic pieces, and its author in a dance scene, which is rare these days, the co-founder of the company, Dimensions Dance Theatre comfortable with making things happen behind the scenes and off stage. So when we saw the sexy elder woman seated, her cane within reach, bangs on the grey wig falling forward onto her spectacles, get up when the sexy rumbero danced up and offered her his hand--well, let me put it this way, it was one of the evening's highlights (smile).

More than that, though, what Down Congo Line II demonstrated by the time the dancers, same cast for both sets were finished, was that the connection between Africans in the Diaspora and Continental Africans has not been severed especially down the Congo line, through Cuba, Brazil and New Orleans--we are the same, we are the same, we are the same.

Out on Alice Street basking in the afterglow of the phenomenal performances of choreographers, drummers and chorus, not to mention the dancers, Naeem and Zef spoke of the great service Deborah Vaughn consistently brings to us, now for the past 39 years.

The male dancers were outstanding--sexy too. My friends said that the brothers are always working those lower extremities, it's just we can't see them because of the costuming. This time, there were insufficiently clothed so we could watch them work it (smile).

And then there were the drummers --just three during the Congolese set, but those men on the long drums were moving across the stage--literally dancing.  Naeem said he wanted to see them lose the drums and just start dancing, because we knew they could (smile). Maybe next time?

It was so appropriate too to have Down the Congo Line this week: Congo Week, which kicked off with dance classes October 14. Visit  Also look here at Friday, October 12, 2012. There is a flier posted there.

For the 40 Anniversary, part III will be with all the separate parts at Yerba Buena Center for the Arts in October. I can't wait. Listen to the interview with Deborah Vaughn, Latanya Tigner and the Congolese choreographer last Friday and earlier this year we speak to the choreographers for Down Congo Line I--New Orleans meets Brazil.


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