Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Adventures in Salvador Day 4

I think Silvana has ditched me. I saw her a few hours ago with wet hair. She mentioned she was going to the beach, but when I asked her last night if these were her plans she said no.

Alone again.

Oh well. I better figure out some landmarks so I can find my way back here. Reminds me of Zanzibar in Stone Town. I knew how to get a few places by following the sea shore. No such luck here, I am inland, surrounded by buildings. I haven't been out today. I might go out later. I am not certain, but I am going to go for a bus ride to the beach tomorrow to see people jump the waves.

Well she wasn't out having fun that's for sure I found out later on. She went to the bus station to change her reservation to Rio and to buy a lock for the lockers here at the hostel. She told me about a day trip she arranged to another beach. Sounded nice. I didn't get up early enough and missed the trip, but we went for a walk that evening and I got to see the huge audience at the Mercado Square. Olodum were performing when we looked from above below. I don't know how many flights but you don't want to walk it (smile).

I don't know how people moved between the top of the hill to the bottom before. I will have to read up on this. Maybe the elevators were just slower?


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