Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Wanda's Picks Radio: Send Big Oil Packing, Stop Fracking!

Colette Winlock, Lola Hanif and Lady Sunrise join us this morning to talk about hydraulic fracturing, the process of breaking up shale underneath the Earth's surface to extract natural gas supplies where a series of holes are drilled into the ground which are then pumped with a water/chemical mix which then forces the natural gas out through the fissures in the shale into previously-built wells for extraction.

Also known as FRACKING, the impact on human beings, let alone the planet is not known, However, there are recorded medical instances of illness associated with fracking and numerous earthquakes (109) in places like Youngtown, Ohio which sits on the Marcelles Shale where there is no record of such since 1776 (

Saturday, March 15, 2014 there is a huge demonstration in Sacramento against “fracking”. Health and Human Resource Education Center and Sacred Space Spiritual Support Group have organized a bus for Black folks in Oakland to show their outrage at the total disregard for humanity, Mother Earth, and life itself! 

This is an opportunity to come together and take a stand. “GET ON THE BUS” this Saturday. The drill sites are being placed in black neighborhoods. Lady Sunrise will lead riders in powerful, moving, healing, spiritual songs. There are only 55 seats available on the bus. Please bring family and friends. Don't forget the children. The cost is only a donation ($1 or more). The bus leaves from Acorn Shopping Center (7th and Market in West Oakland) at 9:30 am and returns from Sacramento at 7:30 pm.  Please RSVP (510) 834-5990. Leave your phone number or rsvp to Our future generations need us.


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Dec 30, 2013 
Citizens spoke out against fracking and weak regulation proposed by the Illinois Department of Natural Resources at a public hearing in Effingham. There are black people testifying against fracking. This video is a part of this Huffington Post coverage:

Sweet Honey in the Rock: Battered Earth, Greed; Wolf Hawk Jaguar's "Every Breath of Life"; Babatunde Lea's "African Tapestry (Prayer for a Continent)."

We close with an archival interview with Aisha Brown re: African Americans Making Connections II.

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