Friday, March 18, 2016

Dr. Frances Cress Welsing, Ashay!

Sanctuary at Metropolitan AME Church, Washington, D.C.

Today is Dr. Francis Cress Welsing's birthday (March 18, 1935-January 2, 2016), yet, instead of felicitations and cake, we prepare for her memorial tomorrow, to lift her spirit into the next realm. I hear there are enemies still pulling at her, tearing her flesh, blocking her ascension, so she cannot move on. But we will keep her in the light and help her along the way. I also heard today that Dr. Ben is on her team--tackling evil forces, blocking them so she can ascend.

Imagine, the last talk she gave at Howard University was on Trump and here we are this week at the Primaries. Truth has no expiration date. Dr. Cress Welsing said: "I pledge to use all my life energy, intelligence and creativity, in all areas of people activity, to eliminate the global system of racism (white supremacy) on planet earth and to replace it with justice so that there can be peace. . . So help me God."
Sabrina Johnson

The last time I saw her was on my birthday last year in June. The next time hers. Kind of fitting, this reunion.

I went to the wrong location earlier this afternoon. I thought the memorial was at Union Temple, instead it is at Metropolitan AME Church near the White House. I wonder if President Obama will drop by or send a representative?

I caught the METRO twice this afternoon and then walked. A larger system than BART, I was able to navigate a bit better than I expected. When I arrived at the AME, my ADACI sisters were there already erecting the larger altar in the sanctuary. Mama Tendai was assembling the centerpiece where the ancestor objects sit. This section is then shrouded. Lights illuminate both the seen and the unseen. Large photos of Dr. Cress Welsing sit on both ends of the table, with a Sankofa bird in front of raffia, vases of flowers and other ceremonial objects.

Crystals and magical balls that sparkle and glow, hour glasses filled with sand, crystal vases filled with candles, white lace covers the floor and table, pyramids, and of course Dr. Cress Welsing's books: The Isis Papers, Neely Fuller's The Compensatory Code and The Color Confrontation Theory pamphlet, Cress Welsing's The 17 Admonitions (adapted from Fuller's Textbook for Victims of Racism (White supremacy) and Dr. Cress Welsing's "Cress Theory" and The Isis Papers), "A Black Oath," and "A Liberating Black People's Prayer," and the scholar's poetry, along with red candy canes, black coal, and green mint chocolates -- right! Red, black and green treats for guests to sweeten the bitterness of death.
Smaller Altar in Fred Douglass Hall

Along the balcony terraces hang textile paintings on bark, kente cloth and other ceremonial decorations.  Ancestor or Egungun  sit on each side of the altar, from above-- to complete the fresco. When one walks into the church lobby she sees Dr. Cress Welsing's magnificent image, a white skirt completing the presentation.

The program which is of course instructional, includes greetings by Pastor William H. Lamar IV, scripture readings, an opening processional, poetry, performance by Sweet Honey in the Rock, reflections by healers, scholars, friends: Ray Winbush, Pat Nelson, Mario Beatty, Carl Nelson, Tariq Nasheed, Professor Griff, Dr. Marimba Ani, Dr. Tony Browder--by sister, Lorne Cress Love, a video of Dr. Cress Welsing, Eulogy read by Rev. Willie F. Wilson . . . and a collective reading of "The Black Oath.

Pastor William H. Lamar IV will give the benediction followed by a performance by the Kankouran West African Children's Dance Company, Sunu and Manjani. The program is followed by a reception in Frederick Douglass Hall.

The memorial service will be live streamed and live broadcast from WPFW 89.3 FM,

The memorial service will also be live streamed on the website of Metropolitan A.M.E. Church:, on Saturday, March 19, 2016 from 1p.m.- 4 p.m. EST.

To view, go to:

Here is a link to the second tribute on Wanda's Picks Radio February 2016: The first was January 27, 2016:

Here are photos of the altars we set up today. If you are not here, visit the Cress Welsing FACEBOOK event page for information on the live broadcast March 19 and for information about a foundation Dr. Cress Welsing's sister has set up.


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