Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Wanda's Picks Radio Wed., August 17, 2016 The Hon. Marcus Garvey Special

Honoring the Hon. Marcus Mosiah Garvey (8/17/1887-June 10/1940) on his birthday!

Guests: Dr. Oba T'Shaka, Brother Don Rico, Brother Gene Dinizulu Teenie, Sister Sheba Makeda Haven

Sister Sheba Makeda Haven is a former BPP member, artist and craftswoman, and African Orthodox Church Deaconess. As a deaconess I was one of the clergy invited by the UNIA to establish a charter in Northern California.  Thanks to Elder Freeman and his brother Roland, a charter and active membership was founded in Los Angeles.

Dr. T'Shaka is an activist's scholar, renowned public speaker, professor, workshop leader, author, organizer and visionary of exceptional influence who addresses audiences in the United States, Britain, France and Africa. For 38 years, Dr. T'Shaka was a Professor at San Francisco State University, where he is now Professor Emeritus (

RAs Don Rico has been a community activist and organizer since his teens in the early 1960s, in Jamaica, as a co-founder of a youth club at the start of what became an island-wide Youth Club movement.

He has been an activist/motivator and organizer/mentor in various areas since:  youth clubs, sports and social clubs, trade unions, etc etc.  Now an elder in the Rastafari international community, RAs Don Rico has been an ardent Garveyite Pan-Afrikanist Rastafari organizer.

RAs Don is a graphic designer, painter, illustrator, poet, writer/diarist, public speaker, among other ‘content-producing-and-presenting' abilities. 

‘Head Cook and Bottle-Washer' for South Florida's Annual Marcus Garvey Celebrations Committee, which has been hosting the events since Mwalimu Marcus Garvey's Centenary since 1987.

The AMGBC (Annual Marcus Garvey Birthday Celebrations) includes two signature events; the Annual Marcus Garvey Lecture/Afrikan Community Forum (Aug.17), and LIONSPLASH: which is a Pan-Afrikan Birthday Bash, “Forward2School” Family Fun Day; KulchaConcert (Aug. 27). Both events are at Florida Memorial University Auditorium.

Dinizulu Gene Tinnie is a New York-born, Miami-based visual artist, writer, independent researcher, semi-retired educator, and activist in cultural arts, historic preservation, and social justice issues, with a formal academic background in foreign languages, linguistics, and literature. He is the Co-Director, with Mr. Harmon R. Carey of Wilmington, Delaware, of the Dos Amigos/Fair Rosamond Slave Ship Replica Project, and is active in creating a Middle Passage Coalition network and information clearinghouse for organizations and individuals engaged in Middle Passage history and heritage. Mr. Tinnie serves on several museum and historic preservation boards (

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Music: Zion Trinity's "Opening Prayer for Elegba"; Marcus Shelby's Soul of the Movement "We're a Winner."


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