Friday, April 28, 2017

Wanda's Picks Friday, April 28, 2017

This is a black arts and culture site. We will be exploring the African Diaspora via the writing, performance, both musical and theatrical (film and stage), as well as the visual arts of Africans in the Diaspora and those influenced by these aesthetic forms of expression. I am interested in the political and social ramifications of art on society, specifically movements supported by these artists and their forebearers. It is my claim that the artists are the true revolutionaries, their work honest and filled with raw unedited passion. They are our true heroes. Ashay!

This is the 25th Anniversary of the Verdict in the Rodney King Trial where in Simi Valley the guilty police officers were not charged. This travesty of justice set off a simmering explosive throughout Los Angeles county. In this 25th anniversary reflective conversation, Grace Lee convenes a space for discourse. The perspectives are both archival, controversial and reflective from people who were there then and now.

Uncensored, K-Town'92 looks at the interaction between the black community, Korean community and Latino communities within the context of the diseased container--racism and white supremacy. Scholars, journalists, children, citizens . . . all get there say.
1. Grace Lee, Korean American director, joins us to talk about her interactive media project and film, K-Town'92: Who Gets to Tell the Story.

Interactive Website

On Saturday, April 29th at 1P ET/10A PT, WORLD Channel will be Facebook Live streaming K-Town '92 Reporters. WORLD Channel’s Executive Producer Chris Hastings will be joined by director Grace Lee, and a special guest, to discuss the anniversary of the 1992 L.A. riots and the K-Town project, including the short film and newly launched interactive website Use the comments section to ask questions after the stream. Join in at

2. Roger Guenveur Smith, joins us to talk about Rodney King, the film, directed by Spike Lee which airs on Netflix today, the 25th Anniversary of the LA Rebellion (4/30). 
3. Peoples Climate Movement -- Bay Area, April 29, 11-5 p.m. at Lake Merritt Ampitheatre. Joining us are: Susan Schacher and Carroll Fife.


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