Friday, December 08, 2017

Wanda's Picks Friday, December 8, 2017

This is a black arts and culture site. We will be exploring the African Diaspora via the writing, performance, both musical and theatrical (film and stage), as well as the visual arts of Africans in the Diaspora and those influenced by these aesthetic forms of expression. I am interested in the political and social ramifications of art on society, specifically movements supported by these artists and their forebearers. It is my claim that the artists are the true revolutionaries, their work honest and filled with raw unedited passion. They are our true heroes. Ashay!

1. Veronica Blair (aerial straps) in Mittens and Mistletoe, Dec. 22-28 at Dance Mission joins us to talk about her aerial career as well as The Uncle Junior Project

2. Maestro Michael Morgan joins us to talk about the seasonal favorite concert, Hallelujah! Let Us Break Bread Together, Sunday, Dec. 10, 4 p.m. at Oakland's Paramount Theatre.

3. Aldo Billingslea, Interim Artistic Director, Lorraine Hansberry joins us to talk legacy in the future tense this morning as the season ends and begins again for a Bay Area premiere Black Theatre Company. Don't miss 2017 Soulful Christmas, Dec. 14-24 at the Burial Clay Theater at the AAACC.

4. Graham Lustig, Artistic Director, Oakland Ballet, joins us to talk about his Nutcracker,12/23-24 at the Paramount Theatre and "Jungala" based on Kipling's Jungle Book, March 10, 2018 at Skyline High School in Oakland, a collaborative work that tells the story from the perspective of the Indian or South Asian characters.



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