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Wanda's Picks Radio Show, Friday, March 2, 2018

This is a black arts and culture site. We will be exploring the African Diaspora via the writing, performance, both musical and theatrical (film and stage), as well as the visual arts of Africans in the Diaspora and those influenced by these aesthetic forms of expression. I am interested in the political and social ramifications of art on society, specifically movements supported by these artists and their forebearers. It is my claim that the artists are the true revolutionaries, their work honest and filled with raw unedited passion. They are our true heroes. Ashay!

1. WAX Poets

 Wax Poet(s), the Oakland based arts and performance collective, presents the world premiere of Swivel:Hinge:Return, choreographed by Artistic Director Heather Stockton investigating the impact on the body of the 24-hour news cycle, “breaking developments” and the constant barrage of alerts, tweets, likes and calls to action from smart phones, social media and the mainstream media.  How does the body weather this deluge that at best galvanizes unified action and at worst feeds the cycle of passive resistance in this social media era?

Swivel:Hinge:Return features original live music by Shanna Sordahl and the techno duo, KYN.  The dancers are Stockton, Garth Grimball, Stephanie Hewett, Kim Ip, Jenna Jones, Kevin Lopez, Aiano Nakagawa and Tiffany Tonel. 

Performances are Thursday through Saturday, March 1-3 at 8 pm at CounterPulse in San Francisco. Tickets are $20 - $25.  For tickets and information, go to  or 415-626-2060.

2. NYAFF 2018 at BAMPFA with Mamadou Dia, director, Samedi Cinema (2016)

3. Program A: Between Us at TheatreFirst

JUST ONE DAY: A Story of Martin Luther King Jr.’s Legacy
Written by Cleavon Smith
Directed by Elizabeth Carter
LAVEAU: A Conjuring of Marie Laveau
By Brit Frazier
Directed by Margo Hall
with Dezi Soley

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