Sunday, April 27, 2008

New Living Expo 2008

I had a lot of fun today. It’s always great being in Alice Walker’s presence. I like her a lot. She is such a generous soul who knows her limits and capacity. She was looking better than I’ve seen her in a while--refreshed and as always in a very present place.

We arrived late for her talk. I assumed the conference was at Moscone Center, so we had to walk quite a few blocks from 3rd and Howard to 8th a Brannan. We met lots of great people, ate good food, exercised in ten minutes the equivalent of a full workout, attended a lecture on longevity, and learned about an education program for children utilizing the Internet. I bought some lovely earrings and bracelets and as we were leaving I bought a bed--from a man named Justise.

The company owner just dropped it off. I was sleeping when the phone rang and there was the truck with my $2,700 bed with a life expectancy of 25. Not bad for a first bed. It is electronic and does a lot. I might decide to name it.


It was great seeing Sandra and Nefera today also. They are so knowledgeable about alternative life choices re: nutrition and well-being, both spiritually and physically and emotionally.

It was also good seeing Bonita Bruce, chiropractic doctor. I spoke to her about my friend Sami who is in the hospital. I had a great day. When I got home I went outside and pulled weeds until the sun went down. I then washed the house where birds pooped and my car, made a salad, and fell asleep sitting up.

I've got to clear my office and make space for the new bed. I am going to enjoy sleeping.


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