Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Wanda's Picks Radio March 18, 2009, plus a review and commentary

I thought we were featuring Terrence Brewer in the morning on the radio show, but he's probably still going strong at Yoshi's in Oakland tonight where he had a very successful first set. As we left, the line for the second show was forming outside.

He was hugging babies and signing autographs inside the club as his drummer and organist mingled. Besides his great trio he invited three guests up to party with the group beginning with guitarists: Eric Swinderman followed by one of my all time favorite artists Calvin Keyes.

Mr Keys was as elegantly dressed as usual and his playing as well. Tenor saxophonist Dave Ellis, whom we don't see enough of, considering he lives in Berkeley, joined the trio on two songs from Brewer's The Calling Vol. 2: Don't Let Me Off the Hook and Sunrise/Sunset. The latter song really showed off the creative improvisational talents of Ellis.

All night Brewer was the consummate host and if I'd hadn't trekked to UC Davis yesterday for Ladysmith Black Mambazo, I might have tried to stay for the second set.

I certainly hope we don't have to go to New York to see Brewer again soon, but for most Bay Area artists the out of town gigs which includes the international ones also, is where the money is. Visit terrencebrewer.com.

Eric Reed's Stand!

I say all this to say, in the morning--well, technically, it's morning now, and our first guest is Eric Reed. Yes the marvelous pianist and person. I haven't seen Eric in quite a while, so it gives me great pleasure to ask him about his lovely new work, Stand! based on a biblical text: Ephesians 6:13. He'll be in town with his trio on March 23.

Stand features all original music with Eric's trio: himself on piano, Willie Jones III on drums and Rodney Whitaker on bass: www.EricReed.net and MySpace.com/EricReedJazz

Congo is a concern of mine so I invited Jean Damu, who is politically savvy and knows how to connect the political and social/economic dots for us. We might be joined by his friend Rob Prince from the University of Denver's School of International Studies on the international warfare in the Congo and the 6th Anniversary of the War in Afghanistan (3/19). He'll be at the airport early. We hope he'll call in. We also invited another political savvy writer/activist We are also going to feature our first commentary by Death Row Journalist Mumia Abu Jamal.

Lesbian vocalist Pippa Fleming lays her hands on her audience by putting their spirits at ease and conveying humanities truths. She says she is "Ear witness to the diverse sounds of a multicultural, multi-ethnic, multi-generational collective of amazing musicians who are putting independent music back on the map! She has a show Friday, March 20 at The Rocket Room, 406 Clement Street, San Francisco, 94118, 8:30 p.m. $4 if you reserve your tickets at www.basecampmusic.com. Visit www.myspace.com/deemeddefective


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