Saturday, December 31, 2011

Imani: Faith

Today is New Year's Day in Madagascar. We're celebrating it again at 11:55 AM; 11:56 PM Pacific time--right, two New Years Days in one lifetime. I've been here before, in fact for the past four years I have celebrated New Years twice.

This New Year's day there is no running water. We didn't have any yesterday afternoon either. The prices at the hotel go up today as well. We have to go make sure they note the account that we want a discount for the bucket showers we did not agree to. It rained enough yesterday from 4 p.m. until after midnight to leave us flush, but I don't think this place is set up to catch rainwater. In Haiti at Rea Dol's home and in Mali at Aissata Ba's home, both families use the rain water and solar energy.

We were never without water, it was cold, sometimes, but it ran. We are going to go out an get water and mosey around and see what the folks do on Sunday. We are going to go by the mosque and make two rakats.

I am wearing my African print pants. I have to find a scarf to cover my hair with and my arms. We'd planned to do the rest of our laundry today. I am going to grade the portfolios for all my classes at COA. The grades are due in by January 3.

We are in the basement of the hotel. It smells like mold or sour clothes. In any case, it is not pretty. The only plus side is for two people it is $25,000 AR a night, which is $12.50 US. Lunch averages about $4.50 US at a restaurant for foreigners. Water costs more--Eau Vive is the drink of choice here between $4000 --the highest we've seen and $1500 on the lower end of the scale. Two weeks ago we saw rides for the kids on a Sunday, I hope they have them at the park down the street today. That would be fun to capture in a Kodak or Fuji or Canon moment.

My cards are all full and so is my computer's hard drive. I have to find some technology, I have another country to hit in two days and I know I am going to want to video the 100th Anniversary of the ANC.

More later.


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