Tuesday, July 09, 2013

Tracing the Trade in Africans

Inside the Slave Chamber
which was carved from coral rock.

The walk to the beach where the dhows landed
with Africans

Inside the slave chamber, carved from coral rock. There were two tiers with chained enslaved Africans facing each other. The men were on one side, the women on the other. Shoppers walked between the two tiers. The sales were packaged and sent off. This was the holding chambers for the more prized Africans.

The beach where the dhows landed and Africans bathed before heading to the Slave Chambers to await sales.

The beach from another angle. Note the coral rock structure.

Top of the slave chambers as seen from outside.
The slave chamber.

Slave chamber. The holes are for air and light.
Entrance to the slave chamber.
Note the depth of the stairs.
Slave chambers from outside.
Details of the plaque (2009).

Sign at the road
Mangapwani Village Slave Cave Monument (Chuini, Zanzibar)


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