Wednesday, September 06, 2017

Wanda's Picks Wed., Sept. 6, 2017

This is a black arts and culture site. We will be exploring the African Diaspora via the writing, performance, both musical and theatrical (film and stage), as well as the visual arts of Africans in the Diaspora and those influenced by these aesthetic forms of expression. I am interested in the political and social ramifications of art on society, specifically movements supported by these artists and their forebearers. It is my claim that the artists are the true revolutionaries, their work honest and filled with raw unedited passion. They are our true heroes. Ashay!

1. Raissa Simpson, Artistic Director, 4th Annual Push Fest; Halifu Osumare, Ph.D. choreographer featured in the Festival

2. LET IT FALL: LOS ANGELES 1982-1992 opens September 1st in San Francisco at the Roxie Theater.
About the Director/Producer/Writer John Ridley

John Ridley won an Oscar® for writing 
12 Years a Slave and is the creator, director, and executive producer of ABC’s Emmy-winning series “American Crime,” which is currently airing Season Three. His limited series “Guerilla,” with Idris Elba, Freida Pinto, and Babou Ceesay co-produced by Fifty Fathoms and ABC Signature for Showtime and Sky Atlantic on Showtime.

a multidisciplinary artist whose work has been presented locally, nationally, and internationally, Charlie’s interactive installations, paintings, and performances engage complexity, identity, and perception. She joins us to talk about a new project: Truthiness at The Flight Deck in Oakland. 

4. SF Fringe 2017

am - Michael Washington Brown of BLACK!
Four individuals describe their personal experience with the word "BLACK!" and unpack how their stories, their lives, their perspectives have been impacted by this word, positively or otherwise. Are there similarities in these individuals’ experiences or has society 'bought into' the stereotypes that exist? And, if so, why? Sept. 15 at 8:30pm, Sept. 16 at 4pm, Sept. 20 at 8:30pm, Sept. 22 at 8:30pm
9:40am - Dazié Grego-Sykes of Nigga-Roo
Nigga-Roo is a multidisciplinary performance inquiry into Black identity that bravely dissects Blackness as an original, necessary social construct. As Blackness is rooted in slavery and saturated in caricature, creator Dazié Grego-Sykes utilizes black face, spoken word, movement, and monologue to disarm and disrupt in 60 minutes of stage-time. Sept. 9 at 9pm, Sept. 10 at 4pm, Sept. 17 at 8:30pm, Sept. 21 at 7pm


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