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25th Annual African American Celebration through Poetry

25 years and Still Risin! The 25th Annual African American Celebration through Poetry, Saturday, February 7, 2015

Dedication: To Maya Angelou, consummate poet, artist, human being and to Arnold White, Oakland civic artist, we dedicate this program and Arnold White, Oaktown Art-historian

Welcome: MaryGay Ducey – Branch Librarian

Host: Wanda Sabir


blessing the boats
Lucille Clifton, 1936 - 2010

(at St. Mary’s)
may the tide
that is entering even now
the lip of our understanding
carry you out
beyond the face of fear
may you kiss
the wind then turn from it
certain that it will
love your back    may you
open your eyes to water
water waving forever
and may you in your innocence

Featured Poets:

                   DnT Productions Suite
Tracy A. Todd, H. David Todd
and Imani M. Todd


Koren Clark
                                       Who am I?
                                        School bell ringin'
                How I learned how to create my own sunshine;
                                         I'm thankin
Two creations by Dr. Syed Malik Al Khatib (read by David Todd)
Paradise Free Jah Love
Short clip from a CD on Arnold White; Maya Angelou

Paradise Free Ja Love

"Good Morning Ferguson!"; "I Love Everything about You . . ."

Sakina Sulaiman
Sakina Sulaiman: "it takes pain to create life"

Downtown TAY present poems inspired by Ralph Ellison's ¨Invisible Man,¨ that center around in/visibility and o be.¨
Downtown TAY Crew

Joy Elán and her daughter
Joy Elán

Black and Blue Bloods
I Am a Survivor


Sandra “Makeda” Hooper Mayfield

Screaming for Eric Gardner: A Black Man
I Will Never Forget

Damu Sudi Alii Ancestor Medley

Love Lost by Damu
Truth by Damu
Revenge by Damu
Prelude to Death by Damu
Black Classical Music by Kamau Seitu
The Answer by Dennis Omowale Cutten
Black People by Dennis Omowale  Cutten

Zakiyyah G.E. Capehart -Bolling (poetry) and Bryant Bolling (musical accompaniment)

    POEMS                                                   SONGS
    Looking through My Eyes              Children Are the Light Of the World

    My Colin Cares For Me                   Jah Jah Really Knows

    Earth's Rebirth                                 The Creator Has a Master Plan

Lateef McCleod: “
Father Madiba Shook My Hand.”

Lateef McCleod

Charles Allensworth

Charles Allensworth
on the legacy of his Great-great Uncle, Colonel Allen Allensworth.

Some words about Allensworth Descendant Association        
Some words about Colonel Allen Allensworth                           
Some words about the Buffalo Soldiers
A Buffalo Soldier Poem                                   

Ellen Foster Randle, Ph.DA Song (selection TBA)

Father and Son: Damu Sudi Alii; Jabari Alii
Jabari Alii

"Who Am I?" and "I Need You To Understand"

Andrew Wilson
: “Open Letter from Kaldrick Kim to Terrell Knight”
Andrew Wilson


OPL West Oakland Staff and OPL Administration, Friends of the OPL, all the Poets of course, Gene Howell, Jr. (donor), Charles Allensworth (donor), TaSin Sabir (errands and photography), Bilal Sabir & Delightful Foods: The No Cookie Cookie and to the ancestors who have blessed us along this 25 year journey . . . Ashay!

Mailing List:

Make sure you sign our mailing list. Don’t forget to sign up for the

Open Mic

Open Mic and fill out the evaluation forms for us please.  (We will try to save time for it.)

Anthology Publication

Refreshments. Thanks to FOPL, Gene Howell, Jr.
and Delightful Foods

Refreshments. Thanks to FOPL, Gene Howell, Jr.
and Delightful Foods.

Patrons (Monica Pree on right)

Downtown Tay Ensemble

Brother Tahuti

Dr. Randall


Young Guest (Joy Elán's daughter)

Jabari Alii

Remember the AACP @ 25 Anthology idea . . . We’d still like that to happen. Email your poems to by February 28. If you know any poets who have made their transitions, we’d like to include their work too.

Happy Black History Month
2015 (smile).  Let the people eat cake!

Dr. Randall

TaSin (photographer) and Kheven (journalist, playwright)

Charles Curtis Blackwell, poet, visual artist (L)

Bryant Bolling, Khalilah El Amin, the late Hubert Collins

Rear of Brother Tahuti (deceased)

Poet (Open Mic)


Brotha Clint, poet (Open Mic)

Sandra "Makeda" Cooper Mayfield (L)

Poet (Open Mic) and Chess Champ

Poet (Open Mic)


Brother Tahuti (d. August 2015)

Andrew Wilson, poet, visual artist

Father and Son, Damu and Jabari Alii

What you say!

Camisha Fatimah, poet, mother (Sakina's), teacher


While we read Lucille Clifton's poem, Blessing the Boats, this young
interpreter did ASL sign for us.

Gene Howell, Jr., poet, playwright, visual artist

Brother Allensworth

Dear Hubert Collins (d. 2017)

Hubert (center)

Dear Monica Pree (d. 2017)

All photos copyright: TaSin Sabir; Wanda Sabir


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