Thursday, June 26, 2008

Wanda's Birthday at Stern Grove Festival June 22 with Seun Kuti and Eqypt 80

Sunday, June 22 wasn't as hot as Friday-Saturday. I think the temperature was something crazy like 90-100+ degrees in the San Francisco Bay Area. Was this a welcome to Northern California for my sister and nephews. The heat was certainly out of character. If I wanted heat, I'd live in Sacramento, Fremont, even Hayward, not Oakland or San Francisco. Now, the weather is back to normal: coats in San Francisco. June 20-21, even before June 18-19, we didn't need coats at night time. It was that warm.

So I was happy to hear it was overcast in San Francisco out by SF State, the zoo and Stern Grove. I'm one of those Africans who doesn't like sunshine. I must be from the coastal area.

I arrived at 12 noon, but missed all but the final comments at the pre-concert talk with Seun Kuti. I saw lots of friends already there. And once my sisters arrived with the kids I was good to go, shifting between party-girl and reporter as I flashed my ID and took photos with the professionals in front of the stage.

I got more than a few great shots as the brothers smiled back at me as I took their pictures. It was a fabulous afternoon and when it ended I went over to my brother's house and another friend and his family who had missed the Stern Grove concert came by and we had a nice visit.

I think I fell into bed about 2 a.m. then got up early to take my sister and nephews to AMTRAK. They got home about 4 p.m. My sister had a class that evening she said she slept through, she was so tired.


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