Friday, August 16, 2013

Wanda's Picks Radio Show August 16, 2013

First guest: Byb Chanel Bibene, San Francisco, CA, Artistic Director and Choreographer for his company Kiandanda Dance Theatre. He was born and raised in the Republic of Congo where his technical and aesthetic sensibility is rooted.  As a survivor of the civil wars that tore apart the Congo in the 1990’s, Bibene is creating a theater piece titled, Taboo and Heroes, that explores the subject of victims of war and the lack of freedom of expression due to irresponsible dictatorial powers and the neo-colonial influences of western powers. The point of this project, combining dance, theater, music and video, is intended to lead people to pay more attention to what is going on in the world because a collective effort can help find solutions and lead to a better life on earth, ecologically, socially, politically and humanly.

Guest 2: Muisi-kongo Malonga - Oakland, CA Solo Performance, is a talented dancer, choreographer and instructor deeply rooted in the traditions of Central Africa.  As one of the next generation’s foremost keepers of Congolese cultural arts forms, she has passionately sought to preserve Congolese culture through her leadership of Fua Dia Congo, a 35-year old performing arts organization. Her writing, singing, original compositions and choreography have all converged in the telling of the tale of  Kimpa Vita, a 17th century Kongolese prophet and martyr. “Kimpa Vita!”, Malonga’s first solo work, is described as a chore-opera, where music and movement merge to convey the powerful story of a woman often described as the Kongolese Joan of Arc. Both choreographers are a part of CulturePulse Dancing Diaspora in San Francisco this weekend (Thursday-Sunday) and next, Byb this weekend, and Muisi-kongo next. We close with an interview with one of our favorite guests Jovelyn Richards, who will tell us about her latest Ms. Pat stories.

CounterPulse is located at 1310 Mission Street, San Francisco, CA, (510) 814-8213.

Jovelyn Richards is a solo performance artist and writer, and film maker.  Ms. Richards explores through text and theatrical performance, black love and intimacy.  Ms. Richards is a published writer (selected publications), co- author of the novel, The Onion, which one the writer’s digest award.  Raising Autumn Colored Babies, and most recent, Blue, Black and Brown Tulips for Evening. She has toured her solo performances internationally at The Merlin International Jazz Theater, and Central Eastern University. Jovelyn Richards recently performed her solo performance of ‘Sweet Baby’ at The National Black Theater Festival, in NC in October she will be performing her newest work, exploring the invention of love, in the heart of a black woman.

Music: Meklit and Quinn's "This is the Place." We also played a recording of Marcus Garvey speaking about the United Negro Improvement Association (UNIA). His birthday is August 17, 2013. 


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